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Experience One of the nation's top Fitness and performance enhancement coaches, James "J.R." Rosania, BS, Exercise Science, brings more than 30 years of fitness training experience to fitness training. His proficiency in training Olympic, professional, elite athletes and the weekend warriors has led him to be named one of AMERICA'S TOP TRAINERS by Men's Journal and Vogue magazines.

JR has trained clients from beginners and 1st time exercisers, to fitness buffs and elite athletes. His programs have helped clients lose 100 pounds and others to Olympic Gold medals. 

JR writes and directs training session in Phoenix, AZ, at his private training facility. He is an editor-at-large for a number of fitness lifestyle magazines including: MEN'S JOURNAL, SWEAT, SWIM & SWIMMING TECHNIQUE and SWIMMING WORLD. JR's popular Sport Specific Training system delivers results in days. Also his simple fitness and lifestyle enhancement program will change your health in days.

J.R. is committed to helping you achieve all your goals, from weight loss to a winning performance. He will be 100% behind you all the way!

JR will develop programs for you if you are local and want to train with him, or if your an out of towner. Programs will be e-mailed to you from JR directly! His personal touch and individual programing will carry you to all your goals. Come and train with him at his Phoenix training facility. Just contact him and make an appointment.

NO standard programs. Everything is designed specific to the client. Nutritional consultation and meal planning is also available with every program.

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