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JR's Philosophy

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success."

"I have trained thousands of people, and the common thread to success is found at the very moment that one "decides" to change. I can see it in their eyes; the room fills with the power of their intentions, my ears ring in the silent pause after their words: "I WANT TO DO THIS."

It is at this very moment that their goals become mine too. Together we become an unstoppable force of change.- JR Rosania JR's mission is to improve people's lives. Real fitness is life-changing, its a process that builds self esteem, a quiet confidence, change so recognizable, people ask you for advice.

All training sessions with JR include cardio, resistance training and core training and are 60-80 minutes long.


High school fee’s…………$25 per session with minimum of 8 per month


These sessions are fun and effective. They include cardio, resistance exercises and agility and balance training. All training is targeted for weight loss, improved body composition and strength. Sessions last 60-75 minutes.

Evaluation, assessment, body scan and 1st month training....$500

Weight loss/ fitness/ 5x week ...... train with JR…..$500/month

Weight loss/ fitness/ 3x week.......train with .JR.…..$350/month

Weight loss/fitness/s 2x week......train with JR…...$250/month

Triathlon/Marathon Training Programs :

These programs allow the client to train with JR several times a week.

Sessions are in at his training facility, pool, running tracks and cycling.

Includes 2 weight training sessions and weekly training schedule.

Weight training is with JR.

Race planning and training/racing nutrition


1st and 2nd month $350

Each month continued $300

Email-Coaching This is available to clients who have been on a training program with me and are now continuing on their own.

$325 set up

$125 a month

Complete setup and evaluation/history prior to program design.

Client specific programs

Dvd of exercises for proper exercise technique

Week to week cardio schedule

Unlimited e-mail communication

Monthly scheduled phone conversations

Race prep and nutrition planning


Dry land swim training for all levels and ages. Consist of strength, cardiovascular, body balance and rehab prevention training. All training is stroke specific and and season specific.

All training is directed by JR Rosania, trainer of several GOLD medal Olympic swimmers.

Training will be 2-3 sessions per week and 50 minutes long.

How? System Includes:1. Expert swim power strength and conditioning 2. Individual "weak point" assessments3 Power core training session 4. Individual nutrition plan


Contact JR for more info.


12 month Program design, set up and instruction. 3 visits and weekly contact.

$4500 - $7500 depending on club size

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